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Our Service charter

Our close ties to the area and the wide-ranging network of partners and contacts we have built up over the years allows us to offer the very best in terms of hospitality.


Tailor-made tour planning

Puglia for all sizes

Made-to-measure theme tours for both private customers and corporate groups. Personalised packages based on the interests and needs of those looking for something special and unique. The Puglia you want, the way you want it.


Transfer and vehicle hire organisation

Freewheeling Puglia.

Our constantly updated, local transport information system (buses, shuttles, etc.) means that we can plan trips around your requirements and turn journeys into pleasant exploration experiences. And thanks to car, boat and motorcycle hire, you can now reach right to the heart of the region and take advantage of skipper and driver options as well.


Accommodation reservations

Living history.

Charming accommodation in unforgettable locations. Country houses, historic farms, and traditional homes all open their doors to welcome visitors into environments that are both attractive and functional. Our booking service gives you the chance to spend the time you have chosen in a truly unique setting.


B&B reservations

Nice and cosy Puglia.

The professional quality of our hotels is complemented by the intimate, family atmosphere of our cosy and comfortable, domestic locations. All the Bed and Breakfast facilities in our network are located in historic environments with distinctive and prestigious architecture.


Cooking classes

Puglia on the boil.

Our master chefs guide classes through the preparation of typical, unique dishes, helping cooks to create special recipes, choose and source ingredients and arrange the final dish and table.


Visit to wineries and olive oil producers

Made in Puglia.

There are over a hundred National Register-listed vineyards in Puglia and over a thousand oil presses. This invaluable heritage of fine food and wine can be sampled and enjoyed in our research and tasting trips.


Wedding Planning

We’ll help you say “I do”!

Our wedding planning service ensures that couples can enjoy the fun part of organising their special day, and forget all the stress. From choosing the location to the catering and the ceremony itself, and from invitations to Thank-You gifts, photographers and honeymoon arrangements, we are ready to help the bride and groom make their wedding day absolutely perfect.


Incentive trips

There is no better incentive than travel.

We provide effective organizational back-up for company events and initiatives, such as game sessions, team building projects, and corporate communication and final yield booster plans.


Event Organisation

Puglia at your service.

Thanks to our network of contacts with all the best artistic, cultural and production enterprises in the region, we can plan, implement and animate any kind of event, be it professional, on the road, trade fair or party.


Entertainment and music

Puglia on stage.

Puglia is a land rich in musical talent and traditions. And the region is justly proud of the numerous groups that animate the local scene with typical and original music. So whether the event you are planning is a work meeting or a celebration we can offer the ideal musical accompaniment to make it that extra bit special.


Guides in all languages

Do you speak Puglia?

We put all our care and skill into describing Puglia in the language of those who come to visit it. In fact, our organization relies on numerous professionals who recount the history and geography of the region with enthusiasm and expert knowledge as well as capturing all the charm of discovering these wonders at a literary level too.



Super-fit Puglia.

Whether your favourite sport is cycling, motor cycling or running, you can enjoy them all in Puglia, as well as numerous sea sports, such as surfing or kite-surfing. Our consultancy services in this sphere are just as varied, and particularly useful for people who wish to continue their training in suitably equipped facilities or try out a sport for the very first time in a top class context.


Corporate Identity service.

Image and communications.

Our solid working relationships with major players in the communication and marketing sectors enable us to offer a consultancy service to aid businesses operating in mainstream commercial and service spheres.

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