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Bays, sea caves, forests and timeless beauty spots. This is a Puglia to experience on the move.

4 fascinating tours that will allow you to discover the extraordinary natural beauty of some of Puglia’s most spectacular landscapes.
Whether your particular love is mountain biking, horse riding or trekking, you can now enjoy exploring Puglia’s breathtaking Gargano coastline, the untouched forests of Umbra and the picturesque beauty of the Itria Valley .
From the Gargano promontory to the southernmost point of Salento, our flat or rolling nature trails will lead you into the heart of untouched landscapes overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.




A walk through the contradas of the Itria valley

The Itria Valley is a unique setting and one of central Puglia’s natural gems. Just a few kilometres from its main town, in the strip of land between Alberobello and Martina Franca you can find century-old olive groves, ancient ‘trulli’ houses and historic farmhouses. So let its typical dry stone walls and winding country roads …

From bike tours to trekking trails in search of Puglia’s most spectacular and picturesque locations

Two special experiences for those who wish to explore the real Puglia with its untouched caves, forests, shores and seas. Come and discover its rich red earth and ever-changing nature while savouring the numerous typical products of this land of the Normans and Swabians. Day by day, by bike or on foot, you can gradually …

Guided Bike-tour

This charming tour will take you into the heart of some of Puglia’s most beautiful heritage and countryside. Starting from Matera and its wonderful ancient centre of Sassi, dug out from the rock and now considered a World Heritage Site, we will continue onto the so-called ‘Murgia dei Trulli’ region.

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