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About Us

Based on our vast professional experience and in-depth knowledge of Puglia and its fine qualities we decided to launch Younique Puglia. The basic idea was to enhance the resources of the region in which we operate as we firmly believe that its great potential for attracting and enchanting tourists has not yet been fully realised.

Tourist flow statistics have confirmed this by showing that while tourism in Italy has suffered considerably because of the recession, Puglia is the only region in which the number of visitors has actually increased.

We are convinced that the reason for this lies in Puglia’s unique quality of being a land where history, traditions and cuisine have been kept intact, despite the passing of time, and whose people are genuinely friendly and hospitable.

So, when deciding how to present the region to both a national and international public, these are the qualities we decided to focus on through a series of original and exclusive tours, designed as voyages of discovery in search of this land’s ancient towns, breathtaking landscapes and genuinely authentic experiences.

Systemar Viaggi was established in 1992 by the entrepreneur Marcella D’Amato.
While continuing its focus on world travel, this company has also evolved by refining its specialist expertise in business support sectors and offering precious logistical support to tradeshow and event organisation. At the same time, its vast, specialised knowhow with regard to the Puglia region has consolidated its position as one of the best known local DMCs.

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